Aylesbury is the capital of Corse, a small bayou territory built off the shore of the great lake Unruhe. Since its founding in 4483 A.R., the small territory has swelled to a population of over 30 thousand citizens, never expanding it's territory beyond it's single, capital city. Lake Unruhe stretches across 350 miles of land with a depth of 1,302 feet. The city of Old Aylesbury currently lies at the bottom of the deepest part of the lake, after water table beneath the city's foundation collapsed in 4496 A.R. Old Aylesbury's founder, Montgomery Greyjoy, returned to Corse several years later to reestablish the city as we know it today.

Aylesbury exports an exceptionally large ammount of cotton due to it's ideal climate for the plant. Another  chief export of Aylesbury is crawfish, which breeds rapidly in the lake Unruhe. The city also enjoys a steady flow of tourism and caravan business, as it is the central point between Österreich, Reem, and Orzhova – Montgomery Greyjoy having built much of the road between the four cities.  It's shopping district sports a lovely variety of shops such as: Haberdasheries, restaurants, and specialty stores that offer a range of services and goods. 

Aylesbury has accrued a notoriety for it's vibrant and flavorful cuisines. The staple dish of the city is Crawfish Monica, a favored flavor of the Greyjoy-Waite family. Crawfish Monica is served en masse at the city's annual Culture Festival, which celebrates the city's unique contemporary music and the colorful fabric of folk which weaves it's society. Another favorite food of Aylesbury is Gumbo, a hearty stew served over corn grits. Beignets, a fried dough pastry, is wildly popular in the city, often served with coffee alongside a spread of chocolates. Pecan Pie can be found in any respectable bakery in the city, amassing fame for it's earthy sweetness.

The Culture Festival is an annual event that was first started by the former governor Thomas Waite, who wanted to celebrate the diverse cultures that congregated at the linchpin city. Sejirans, Österreichians, and Reemans make up the majority of the city, as it lies between the three capitals of the respective nations. The collaboration of their respective musics coming together in the wrought iron quarters of Aylesbury crescendoed into the contemporary style of music native to the city known as 'Jazz'. The rustic vocals of Österreich combined with the soulful percussion of Orzhova and Reem's regal brass is what created this fantastic new style of music, which is now widely celebrated.



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