Arduinna, the Headless Goddess

Arduinna is one of the most popular deities in Österreich, kind and loving she bringing life and bounty when she returns from the underworld, and taking the dead to their final reward when she returns.



Arduinna, along with Tongoenabiagus, created Österreich, signs do point to them being worshiped by the old orcish empire, thou under different names. originally Arduinna didn't posses the purview of the dead, simply acting as a fertility goddess, before then the dead simply wandered aimless as spirits. Going to her sister Bandua and asking what was to be done about it the two quickly got into a heated argument and Bandua, in a rage, decapitated Arduinna and threw her head  so far it landed in the underworld. She quickly went to go retrieve her head and the dead spirits followed behind her, finally able to find their way to the underworld. But it was found that without Arduinna in Österreich things quickly grew cold and bitter, so it was decided that Arduinna would stay in Österreich for half of the year while Bandua searched the underworld then for the rest of the year she would go back to the underworld and take the spirits of the dead with her.



Arduinna looks much the same as she did before losing her head, a young noblewoman in hunting dress riding a boar. She is rarely depicted with her head, but such things can be found in older shrines. 


Worshipers & Clergy

Arduinna is very popular goddess almost those who live in the valley of Österreich, every village has at the very least a small shrine dedicated to the Fernqueen, the most impressive being a massive stave church in the heart of the Giant's Beard forest at the foot of the Hag's Nose.  Hunters especially hold her in high regard, and will leave the head of slain game as an offering to her. Her clergy is made up largely of rangers, druids and the occasional cleric, making sure her forests remain pure and her game plentiful. 

Arduinna, the Headless Goddess

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